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Solar Powered LED Lamp with Battery Bank

Solar Powered LED Lamp with Battery Bank

This innovative product is made in Korea with the highest quality standards and is spec with a LG battery bank. This product leverages on pure white LED with the ability to charge your mobile devices through the USB port. The battery bank can be charged either through a 5V AC adapter (micro-USB) or via the solar panel.

It is very useful for camping purposes or as a perosonal surivial equipment. It comes with one year warranty against manufacturer defects. LED Mode:

  • Shine mode
  • Blink mode (Flickering LED light)
Charging Mode:
  • Sunlight through Solar Panel (to internal battery)
  • 5V AC micro USB adapter (to internal battery)
  • USB charging (to external mobile devices)
Available Models:
  • LSL520 (5,200 mah battery bank capacity) - USD$56
  • LSL1040 (10,040 mah battery bank capacity) - USD$85

To order, please email us at [email protected]. Volume discount is available for mass orders.
User Manual:

Product video: Coming soon...
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